‘The Work Must Go On’ – Uninterrupted Help for People Living with HIV & TB During COVID-19

The Global Fund-UNDP partnership provides essential medicines & supplies for Sudan’s most vulnerable.Facing COVID-19, collaboration & quick action ensures thousands remain protected.  

Solar For Agriculture: Empowering Farmers in North Sudan

Agriculture offers significant opportunities in Sudan but often relies on diesel-powered water pumps. Introducing solar technology has increased land use & productivity by nearly 50%.  

Finding Sudan’s future women political leaders: 1,070 and rising

40% of Sudan’s new parliamentary seats are allocated to women, but challenges remain in filling them. A search for potential candidates found 1,070 women, many young, eager to represent their…  

Sudan’s community leaders turned COVID-19 fighters

Across Sudan, community networks advocate for and lead local development. Experienced, equipped and energized, they’re tackling COVID-19.  

Youth Volunteers Improve Water Access, Health, and Peace in North Darfur

Across Darfur, local youth volunteers lead hundreds of community development and peacebuilding projects. In one location, water access has been improved for 9,560 people.  

Soap Makers Clean Up in Sudan’s Covid-19 Response

Facing a national outbreak, the Government, UN agencies, NGOs and civil society have mobilized, purchasing and distributing health and hygiene supplies, sharing information with community members, and…  

Wheat, bread and resilience in Sudan during COVID-19

Wheat supply is critical in Sudan. Trialing canal-fed farms in new locations, we’ve created 1,400 jobs & 4.9 million loaves.  

Sudan’s Prisons: Rights, Rehabilitation and COVID-19 Protection

In Sudan, UNDP supports this community – and safeguards it from COVID-19, protecting the rights of convicted criminals has never been an easy task - particularly in a crisis.  

Creating Safe Routes and Sustaining Peace in North Darfur

In parts of Sudan, seasonal migration of livestock can trigger conflicts over land access and damage, and water and grazing. UNDP’s peacebuilding efforts help communities resolve disputes before they…  

Zahra Ibrahim: A peacebuilding championess in North Darfur

For Zahra, peacemaking is no longer a man’s territory. Women are equally concerned about their community and now possess the necessary tools to broker peace between clashing groups in El Fasher, North…  

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