Abd El Aziz Bashir: Teacher and a Community Peacebuilder in South Darfur

Access to legal systems to resolve disputes is limited in some of Sudan’s remote areas. UNDP works to train local communities to settle disputes and resolve conflicts, building on existing traditional…  

Enhancing Community Stabilization Through Innovative Value Chain Partnerships in Darfur

In Sudan, an innovative value chain partnership between farmers, UNDP and a manufacturing company - Darfood has increased productive capacities, created over 4,800 jobs and reduced inter-community…  

Cotton, Stability and 24,000 Opportunities in Sudan's White Nile

In White Nile, support for rural development – and partnerships with the private sector – has created 24,000 jobs, and opportunities for communities and refugees to work together.  

Fighting COVID-19’s Third Wave in Sudan

$15m of healthcare and hygiene supplies dispatched across Sudan to hospitals, clinics, schools, prisons, police stations, and other facilities.  

Improving Energy Access in East Sudan’s Refugee Crisis

As the refugee crisis in East Sudan continues, UNDP is investing in longer-term solutions to support those in-need and already vulnerable local host communities.  

Health Centre Rehabilitated, Mobile Clinics Deployed, to Support East Sudan’s Refugee Crisis

Responding to the crisis, UNDP and partners have undertaken civil works – expanding health infrastructure by rehabilitating the Um Rakuba health centre – as well as deploying three mobile clinics to…  

Leatherwork Improving the Lives of Darfur’s Displaced Women

Creating high-quality leather products has a long tradition in Sudan. With new training, host communities and internally displaced women are strengthening bonds & increasing incomes.  

This could not have been possible without Solar Energy

Solar energy is game changer for farmers in North Sudan, saving time and money, boosting productivity, & protecting health and the environment.  

Modernizing Honey Production in Darfur

Beekeeping and honey production can be lucrative in Sudan’s impoverished Darfur. Swiss support has trained 2,000 people, reduced tensions & increased incomes by nearly 70%.  

Enhancing Agricultural Livelihoods for Internally Displaced Persons in South Kordofan

Agriculture is life for 65% of Sudan’s population. Supporting conflict-impacted farmers, UNDP is working to boost productivity, income, and expertise to improve livelihoods.  

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