Rule of Law

and Justice Reform


UNITAMS Strategic Objective One: Assist the political transition, progress towards democratic governance, in the protection and promotion of human rights, and sustainable peace.

UNITAMS Strategic Objective Three: Assist peacebuilding, civilian protection and rule of law, in particular in Darfur and the Two Areas.

In line with the key components of the Juba Peace Agreement and Sudan’s vision for the future, UNDP provides support to help effect the legislative and structural changes required.  This includes assistance with legislative reform to improve protection of both gender and human rights, helping develop a legislative architecture for free and fair elections, and providing guidance in the review and preparation of Sudan’s new constitution.

As effective governance is fundamental to a society, our support in this area includes assisting the Transitional Government with strengthening institutions, particularly core Ministries such as Justice, and key governmental organs including the Cabinet, together with Electoral Commissions and Peace Commissions.  Our assistance also covers State-level and local institutions, including the police, judiciary, corrections, and legal aid services.

Our support strengthens the ability of these organisations to provide required services in a just, accountable, transparent, inclusive and participatory manner, thereby meeting the needs of the people. This support ranges from helping to fight corruption to improving the participation of marginalized groups.

Furthermore, we provide support to individuals and communities, helping them understand and claim their rights. This includes improving the level of engagement with youth, women, civil society, the private sector, and other stakeholders. Together, these efforts safeguard the Transitional Government’s ability to govern at all levels, ensuring no one is left behind.

Our solutions

  • Developing an inclusive and participatory constitution-making process to accompany the work of Transitional Government in their consultations and design process.
  • Assisting with legislative reform to improve gender justice and human rights protection.
  • Together with UNITAMS, supporting the Transitional Government to prepare for and conduct free, inclusive and fair elections, facilitating the equal and meaningful participation of women and youth, and promoting democratization and civic engagement.
  • Support for Protection of Civilian initiatives
  • Promoting legal aid and access to justice in all contexts, including the provision of support for Justice Centres and similar services, paralegal services, prison and police facility rehabilitation, and training for police and judicial corrections staff.

Achievements in 2020 include:

  • 218,200 people provided better access to justice and legal services in Darfur, including via:
    • 16,200 people provided better access to paralegal services in Golo, Central Darfur, a newly accessible conflict-impacted area
    • 14 mobile courts operational
    • 9 Justice and Confidence Centers (JCCs) constructed and equipped in IDP camps to support dispute resolution
    • 4 community policing centres, 4 Human Rights Resource Centres, and 2 district and rural courts refurbished or constructed
    • 2 prosecution offices, and 1 Police Forensic Science Laboratory, supported with equipment and services
  • 3 prisons in Darfur received upgraded dormitories, as well as child-friendly spaces and visiting bays to enhance living conditions of children with primary caregivers, and visitation rights
  • 389 police officers trained on community policing practices and human rights, and 387 prison officers trained on security and best practices in prison operations.
  • 422 members of civil society trained on trial monitoring, and 398 paralegals trained on provision of legal aid services in IDP camps and areas of return.
  • Four statute laws and legal frameworks established by the Ministry of Justice with UNDP technical assistance, including bills for an Anti-Corruption Commission, the Transitional Justice Commission Act, the Peace Commission Act, and the National Human Rights Commission.
  • One judicial institution (Ministry of Justice) supported on institutional reform.
  • In partnership with UNITAMS, and following assessments on potential UNDP/UN support for Sudan’s future elections, a law establishing the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) was drafted.
  • Together with UNITAMS, activities undertaken to support the Transitional Government in the formulation of its new constitution, including assisting the Ministry of Justice in developing a constitution-making roadmap, drafting legal framework for the constitution-making commission, and assisting with preparing a stakeholder consultation strategy.
  • Hosted consultation processes in support of a new Local Governance Act.
  • Capacity of the Change and Services Committees (known as Resistance Committees during the revolution) strengthened to assist local authorities in service provision to constituents.

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Provided better access to justice and legal services in Darfur, via training for officials and 36 facilities constructed, equipped or upgraded.

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