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Darfur-wide Internal Dialogue and Consultation

With funding from the Government of Sudan, the State of Qatar and the European Union, 77 Outreach consultations and 68 Locality level consultations have been completed since December 2017 with the…  

Stabilization of Livelihoods through Creation of Youth Employment in Eastern Sudan

East Sudan is among the Sudanese states hardest hit the poverty where around 52.6% of the 4.5 million population lives below the poverty line, 60% of them are Youth. The Youth unemployment is one of…  

Small Business for Sea Port Ex-Workers Communities at Red Sea State Project

Employment and national job creation opportunities are the Government growing focus and one of the top national priorities  

Creation of Job opportunities for youth in Sudan through Labour Intensive Work Opportunities

This project aims at creating a Labour Intensive model to avail rapid employment opportunities for young unemployed unskilled and semi-skilled labourers and linkage to longer term employment and…  

Enhanced National Capacities to Plan, Implement and Monitor the Achieved MDGs

As part of its role to enhance national capacities for development planning and management, including the capacity for policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and coordination, UNDP has launched…  

Planning and Public Expenditure Management in Darfur

Following years of continued conflict in the region, the five states of Darfur have made strenuous efforts to resolve its planning and public expenditure management challenges.  

The Malaria Challenge: Scaling up the Response to one of Sudan’s Biggest Killers

Malaria in Sudan is a major public health problem. The country is hit by an estimated 50% of all malaria cases in the World Health Organization’s Eastern Mediterranean Region survey with an estimated…  

Tackling TB, including in conflict affected areas

Sudan carries 15% of the TB burden in the Eastern Mediterranean Region with an estimated incidence of 60 new smear positive and 119 for all forms of TB per 100 thousand population with only 6,518 and…  

Fighting HIV/AIDS in Sudan

During 2012 two HIV/AIDS projects were implemented by the UNDP Global Fund unit. HIV R5 Grant and HIV R10 Grant.  

National Employment Framework Development Project

This project aims to support the development of the National Employment Framework by putting the question of employment at the heart of the broader national framework for development.  

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