Minister of International Cooperation assures that Sudan is committed to prevent and counter violent extremism and terrorism

Oct 22, 2017



Mr. Idriss Suliman, the Federal Minister of International Cooperation has renewed commitment of Sudan at the highest level and mentioned that the Government of Sudan is committed to prevent and counter violent extremism and expressed his thanks and gratitude to the partners and said that Sudan will act in all transparency.

Following numerous discussions with national and international partners on evidence based study on violent extremism jointly conducted by Sudan National Commission for Counter Terrorism (SNCCT), UNDP and Civil Society, a way forward document has been signed between the Ministry of International Cooperation, Sudan National Commission on Counter Terrorism on 22 Oct 2017 at the Ministry of Information  in the presence of the Federal Minister of International Cooperation, H.E. Idriss Suliman, State Minster of International Cooperation, Dr. Sumaya Aukud, Director General of Sudan National Commission for Counter Terrorism, Dr. Jamal Mohamed Jamal Eldin Ahmed, and United Nations Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative in Sudan, Ms. Marta Ruedas and Country Director , UNDP Mr. Selva Ramachandran.

Dr. Sumaya Aukud, Minister of State , Ministry of International Cooperation  reiterated that the subject of countering violent extremism will be high priority for Sudan and that her ministry will support all partners who are trying to help this initiative .  She mentioned that she is already in touch with NCCT and relevant partners on this issue and she emphasised that all international partners should support this initiative for promoting the stability of Sudan and the region.

Ms Marta Ruedas, Resident Coordinator of UN has mentioned that the discussions were held with many partners both national and international and all support will be rendered to the Government of Sudan and its civil society partners to address the issue of violent extremism. She appreciated the efforts of the government of Sudan on this front, which lead to lifting of sanctions from US. She also mentioned that further steps like today’s signing will further ease Sudan to delink from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism. PAVE witnesses not only the efforts of the Government of Sudan and UNDP, but also the establishment of partnerships with civil society, NGOs, women and youth organizations, community based organizations, religious institutions, universities and the international community.

Dr. Mohamed Jamal Eldin Ahmed, Director General of Sudan Commission for Counter Terrorism; expressed his hope in the future for this agreement and partnership and appreciated lifting of US sanctions and viewed that it is a step forward to help Sudan to fight terrorism . He further mentioned that at the highest level including Presidency are committed to this resolve. He mentioned that the Sudan National Commission for Counter Terrorism consists of a number of partners like Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Interior Affairs; Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice; Central Bank of Sudan, Financial Unit of Sudan and civil society actors and that NCCT happy to partner with UNDP and international organisations.

UNDP Country Director Dr. Selva Ramachandran ” Moving forward and reach this level would not happened without different partnerships with stakeholders like of Sudan Commission for Counter Terrorism and Ministry of International Cooperation as it required a partnership among all stakeholders to understand the root causes of the extremism in the national content . Also, he thanked all international stakeholders, especially Japan and Canada for their initial support. He mentioned that discussions were held with all key embassies to seek their support to help Sudan to lead on this subject.


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