UNDP Enhancing Local Capacities on Legal Aid and Alternative Disputes Resolutions in Darfur

Sep 7, 2017

Story from the field Zalingei Darfur  JPROL-1UNDP staff attending mediation session organized by female paralegal in Zalingei, Darfur


UNDP in collaboration with Civil Aid Organization (CAO) has recently conducted a series of training workshops in East and Central Darfur, during July and August 2017, as a part of the joint program for the Rule of Law and Human Rights in Darfur.

As a result of the workshop, seven Legal Aid networks are established in both states consisting of  56 legal professionals.  118 participants of which 51 were females have benefited from the trainings, 62 participants of them from the community groups including community leaders, women, NGO members, and IDPs.

The training workshops focused on general principles and international standards of human & women rights, legal Aid, counseling, mediation and alternative disputes resolution mechanisms.

Nadia Bilal, an active community member from Ed Daein (East Darfur) stated that: “The training workshops were not only a package of information but have also managed to change our mindsets.  Prior to the workshop we were strong believers  that human rights practitioners or defenders should be of legal academics backgrounds and lawyers. Now, after these training, we realize that it’s not necessary for human rights defenders to come from that academic background  or from  lawyers community; any community member can play an outstanding role as human rights activist. I feel positive that I am capable enough to implement and respect and promote Human Rights and I appeal for more similar trainings for the communities in Ed Daein”. 

Furthermore , Hassan Omer- an advocate working between Zalingi and Neirtaty - said “I can honestly indicate that these training workshops have helped in strengthening the linkage between justice seekers and Legal aid providers and highlighting the gap of legal services accessibility for the most vulnerable people in Darfur wide”.  

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