UNDP and Judiciary Organize forums in Darfur to strengthen the Criminal Justice Chain

Aug 28, 2017

UNDP_SDN_RoL100A native administration Judge speaking to UNDP staff at the criminal justice forum in El De’ain East Darfur


As part of the Joint Programme for Rule of Law and Human Rights activities, the Sudan Judiciary in collaboration with UNDP have carried out 12 training sessions on strengthening the criminal justice and prisons chain in 4 Darfur states East Darfur (El Deian) West Darfur (EL Geneina), Central Darfur (Zalinge) and South Darfur (Nyala) between May and August 2017.

The forums have focused on discussing the main challenge facing access to justice in the said states and analyzing how best to strengthen the criminal justice chain which has been affected by the prolonged conflict in the state.  

The forum’s session lasted for 2 days and were attended by 30-35 participants in each state. The participants included: the police, the prosecution, the judiciary, lawyers, reform and correction police as well as the native administration. 

Hamed Al-Nour A native administration Judge who has  been working as a native administration Judge for more than 40 years in the rural areas of south Darfur as well as in  Nyala town court stated “ Despite years of working in courts , I have never fully comprehended the scope of my jurisdiction and powers granted by to me by the law as I do now.  I have to admit that during a very  long time, many mistakes and shortcomings in terms of the right to fair trial were committed.  However from now onwards, I will ensure that my decisions and verdicts will be in conformity with the law and the requirements of right to fair trial. Thanks to UNDP and the Sudan Judiciary for organizing this very important forum "  Hamid further added: “I firmly believe that this forum has provided an excellent opportunity for us in the judiciary and other judicial organs in Darfur to confront our own shortcoming in terms of devilry of justice. Thorough this forum we have managed to identify some vital judicial infrastructure and performance shortcomings. For example many remote areas in Darfur lacks courts houses, or even police stations in some cases.  On the other hand, we also concluded that delays in case procedures are attributed to the lack of trainings of the investigators/ detectors as well the prosecutors. ” 

UNDP_SDN_RoL2Head of the South Darfur judiciary and UNDP staff in their concluding remarks

At the conclusion of the sessions, participants have expressed a number of recommendation for the Judiciary, notably availing justice institutions -courts, rural courts, police stations, prosecutions offices and prisons- in all localities and remote villages to ensure the stabilization of the region. In addition, the establishment of family and child unit within the police stations in all localities as well as reformatories for children inmates.

Participants further emphasized the importance of continuing the building of the rule of law institutions capacities as well as native administration leaders. 

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