Small Business for Sea Port Ex-Workers Communities at Red Sea State Project

About the Project

 Ex-sea workers who grew up on a nomadic area past the outskirts of rural Port Sudan with no education, through vocational skills trainings, has born new opportunities to engage in different sustainable income generation activities

Employment and national job creation opportunities are the Government growing focus and one of the top national priorities (Source: Sudan Five Years Development Plan 2012- 2016)

People in Sudan, with special attention to youth, women and populations in need, have improved opportunities for decent work and sustainable livelihoods and are better protected from external shocks, thereby reducing poverty (Source: UNDAF, Outcome 1)

Achievements to Date

Skills Development Training for sea port ex- labourers and their women to set up micro-enterprises;
1771 (1221 male, 550 female) trained on vocational, entrepreneurial skills

Institutional and organizational support for community based organizations;
20 Small Business Groups within 15 Community Based Organizations

Access to Microfinance
14 Small Business Groups Projects representing 375 beneficiaries won start-up capital

1396 beneficiaries within 20 Small Business Groups Projects receive revolving fund


USD $200,000

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