Enhanced National Capacities to Plan, Implement and Monitor the Achieved MDGs

About the Project

As part of its  role to enhance national capacities for development planning and management, including the capacity for policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and coordination, UNDP has launched the “Enhanced National Capacities to Plan, Implement and Monitor the Achieved Millennium Development Goals (MDG)s” project  in 2009.
The project’s main focus is on supporting capacity development for MDGs reporting on national and state levels, promoting MDG-based policies and MDG-based strategic planning and advocacy.

Achivements to Date

Building National Capacities for MDGs monitoring and reporting: The project supports capacity development for MDGs structures and strategy groups, at national and states levels, in addition to capacity development in areas of MDGs reporting and performance tracking and MDGs Acceleration Frameworks.

Advocacy and Sensitization on MDGs Supported:
The project is supporting the policy dialogue on MDGs achievement in Sudan in addition to the consultation on the new Global Development Agenda/Goals at national and states level.

MDGs Localization Advanced and Pilot Acceleration Frameworks Developed in Sudan: The project focuses  on states MDGs measuring and localization where data on MDGs is available.

Preparation of state level MDGs reports for 15 states of Sudan
Setting MDGs localization structures and committees
Conducting the MDGs localization training workshops

Conducted several advocacy workshops for MDGs acceleration


Donors funds (USD)
UNDP 1,820,628


Year Delivery(US$)
2012 488,373
2011 500,728
2010 599,261
2009 9,729


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