National Employment Framework Development Project

About the Project

Unemployment is a serious problem in Sudan. For the country to develop successfully its population needs to be productively employed with a means to sustain independent livelihoods. The government can play a key role in this, and UNDP is supporting it in meeting that role. This project aims to support the development of the National Employment Framework by putting the question of employment at the heart of the broader national framework for development.  The specific objectives are to support the drawing up of an employment road map, establish an active labour market database to monitor the labour market and develop national strategies for employment.

It also aims to develop projects that intend to improve the employability and enhance the technical, vocational and entrepreneurial skills of men and women including people with disabilities. Understanding patterns in unemployment across the country is vital to being able to address them therefore this project also includes a labour survey so that a detailed picture of unemployment in Sudan can be built up and better addressed

The project is implemented in partnership with ILO, as the Executing Agency, the Minsitry of Human Resources Development & Labor and Local NGO Reyada.

Achivements to Date

1.   Support the formulation process of national employment policy through:
- Development of 7 thematic papers on the key dimensions of employment in Sudan contributing to the employment policy process
- A capacity development and a road map on the formulation of Sudan’s National Employment Policy for multiple line ministries, social partners, and civil society
- Support the reformulation of Sudan Technical Educational Vocational Training Policy
- Comprehensive Capacity and needs assessment for vocational training centres in 12 State of Sudan
- Production of 4 project proposals on vocational and entrepreneurial skills development for men, women & people with disabilities
- Awareness advocacy on Community based rehabilitation as well on introduction of the entrepreneurship tools

2.   631 poor women households engaged in Community based enterprises by receiving business and financial management training and access microfinance for income generation activities in food, bakeries, handcrafts, artisans, others.
- 309 poor women households in three towns of Khartoum received business and financial management training and organized in 10 women CBOs

3.   771 of laid off ex- harbours in Port Sudan, including their female family members formulated in 10 groups
-    175 of laid off ex- harbours received business and financial management training
-    250 of their female family members empowered through acquiring business and financial skills

4.    Support the collection and analysis of disaggregated data through Sudan Labor Force Survey. The national country wide survey has been conducted and the results announced in August 2013.
-    The Comprehensive analysis of the survey findings has been made available in January 2014


Donors funds (USD)
UNDP 675,000



Year Delivery(US$)
2013 628,656


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