Planning and Public Expenditure Management in Darfur

About the project

Following years of continued conflict in the region, the five states of Darfur have made strenuous efforts  to resolve its planning and public expenditure management challenges.

Each state’s ministry of finance is entrusted with tasks relating to both planning and public expenditure management. In addition to the department of planning, in the ministry, there are planning units in line ministries and locality institutions.

A study funded by UNDP at the request of the Minister of Finance, highlighted a number of challenges which should be addressed in order to further improve state planning and expenditure management. Human as well as institutional capacity was found to be lacking in various professions related to the broad field of public expenditure management including planning, revenue collection, accounting, reporting and budget control and management. The Darfur authorities therefore requested UNDP to develop a project that would address those lacking capacities.

Achievements to date

  • To strengthen the budget preparation and management, a four days training on budget preparation and management was conducted to 16 participants from the budget department of the West Darfur State Ministry of Finance.
  • To develop and enhance the accounting and reporting system, a three days training on accounting and reporting was conducted in West Darfur for 12 participants (5 males and 7 females) from the accounting department of the state ministry of finance.
  • A study tour was arranged to East Sudan with the aim of providing government authorities in Darfur an opportunity to learn from similar experiences of implementing a project and gain knowledge from the achievements and lessons learnt during project implementation of a similar project.
  • To strengthen the payroll management and the control of Planning and Local Development fund Management, experts were hired to develop functional requirements for Electronic payroll implementation. As a result, a comprehensive Electronic Payroll System was installed in the three states of Darfur (North, South and West Darfur state Ministries of Finance)


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