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Violent Extremism in Sudan

Violent Extremism in Sudan

May 2, 2018

The proliferation of violent extremism has affected countries and regions across the globe, presenting a serious threat to their development. Sudan and the surrounding region has unfortunately been no exception to this phenomenon. Guided by the overall framework of the United Nations Global Plan of Action to prevent violent extremism, and UNDP’s strategy on Preventing Violent Extremism through inclusive development, UNDP in partnership with Sudan National Commission for Counter Terrorism (SNCCT) attempted to study and decipher the trends of violent extremism, their implications to the region, the globe and identify root causes for radicalization towards violent extremism in Sudan.

UNDP and SNCCT are pleased to publish the findings of the study in this report with the hope that it will help inform the interventions of interested stakeholders and partners in Sudan and the region to refine and improve approaches in preventing violent extremism.

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