and Stabilization


The protracted conflict in Sudan is complex, involving multiple factors and actors at various levels.  The conflict reflects issues of long standing economic disparities, political exclusion and socio-cultural deprivation in the distribution of economic and political power between the center and peripheries.  The root causes of the communal inter and intra-tribal conflicts in Sudan could be seen in - the competition over insufficient and dwindling natural resources; exacerbated by lack of strong governance and rule of law institutions; limited livelihood options and employment opportunities; proliferation of small arms and light weapons; and weak conflict management and resolution institutions. Thus, stabilization and peacebuilding in Sudan is not a stand-alone thematic area, but cross-cutting through all development efforts.

Our Goals

UNDP’s Strategic Plan provides an integrated approach to governance and peacebuilding, closely linked to SDG 16 – Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions -  which reflects the coming together of governance, rule of law, conflict prevention, peace and security.  UNDP Sudan has re-aligned the former Conflict Prevention & Recovery and the Governance & Rule of Law units in one unit ‘Governance and Stabilization’, rooted in the understanding that progress on these inter-related issues all support sustainable development through securing and maintenance of peaceful conflict resolution and democratic governance.

$565 million


Every year, UNDP invests on average US$565 million to support inclusive governance and development where it most affects people: at the local level.

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