Communities driving development: Why ownership is essential for stable communities in Sudan

UNDP supports more than 68 Community Management Committees, diverse groups that guide local development and peacebuilding in six states, and more than 200 similar groups in Darfur, collectively…  

World Environment Day: How a $65m investment in the environment supports the economy, communities, and security

Investing in protecting the environment isn’t just the right thing to do. With much of Sudan’s economy and employment relying on our natural resources, the smart choice is investing in sustainable use…  

Reflections: My journey in Sudan

My time as UNDP Sudan’s Resident Representative concludes at the end of September. It is my privilege to have served here for a little over five years, my longest posting in a country.  

Empowering Sudan: Reshaping a nation through solar transformation

Having undergone a once in a lifetime revolution, Sudan has a unique opportunity to reshape its future. But, the economic, security and development challenges it faces are significant.  

Safeguarding Sudan’s $3b remittance lifeline against COVID-19

Annual remittances of around US$3 billion are essential to Sudan’s economy and society. But, facing COVID-19, this lifeline is expected to fall by at least $500m. Mitigation efforts are critical and…  

What we talk about when we talk about “Solutions Mapping”

One of my earliest observations of an intriguing solution was at Kimironko Market in Kigali, Rwanda during a Solutions Safari activity when I met my fellow solution mappers, at our first learning boot…  

After a revolution, Sudan takes a fresh look at citizen engagement

Effective citizen engagement and participation is often taken as a sign of a healthy democracy. This is particularly true in post-conflict settings.  

The fight against COVID-19: rebuilding a better Sudan

A recent UN report highlights the impacts of COVID-19 on Sudan’s frail economy and society. Though the pandemic adds to the transition’s challenges, it provides an opportunity to shape a robust…  

The then, the now, and the Uncharted: Sailing towards new horizons in Sudan

Continuous exploration is key to continued relevance of individuals, organizations and even states. In their magnum opus, Relative Absorptive Capacity and Interorganizational Learning, Land and…  

Thinking Outside the Box: UNDP Accelerator Lab Supporting Responsive Governance in Sudan

The transitional period of Sudan has become a symbol of hope for the people of Sudan and the diaspora community; however, the challenges that are facing the country will prove to be a huge obstacle…  

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