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Funds Management Unit (FMU)

The UNDP Funds Management Unit (FMU) was established in 2006 to allow the international community to address the increasing humanitarian needs of Sudan through substantial joint pooled funding mechanisms. As the Managing Agent (MA) for the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) and the Darfur Peace and Stability Fund (DCPSF), the FMU provides transparent and accountable management and a full range of services to NGOs and partners throughout the entire project cycle of both pooled funds.

In the past 6 years, the FMU has managed over USD 1.5 billion worth of funds, out of which more than USD 600 million were disbursed to national NGOs. The positive outcomes achieved through the MA function are highlighted by independent annual audits proving that UNDPs approach is living up to the highest standards of accountability in public financial management.

The FMU approach is based on full-cycle on-the-job support and stewardship of the funds which also ensures the development of sustainable NGO capacities.

Functions and capacities
The FMU approach requires a diverse team of practitioners, systems, tools, dedication and effective oversight. From an analytical perspective, the following seven functions can be distinguished;

  1.     Financial and Project Transaction Management
  2.     Monitoring & Reporting
  3.     Capacity Building & Training,
  4.     Partner Performance Analytics
  5.     FMU Management
  6.     Coordination & Communication
  7.     FMU Performance Monitoring, Oversight & AuditThe Fund

Partnerships are paramount for the successful execution of the managing agent function. The 2014 partner survey reveals that 93% of participants agree or strongly agree that ‘my overall experience with FMU is favorable’, compared to 89% in 2013. Acknowledging improvement in the quality of feedback and guidance provided by the FMU team, the strongest message partners communicated is the request for additional capacity support. 96% of respondents feel that their organization can benefit from training and other capacity support from the FMU.

Contact Details:
Fund Management Unit
UNDP Sudan
House 7, Block 5 Gama’a Avenue
P.O. Box 913
Khartoum, Sudan


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