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About UNDP in Sudan

Together with national and international partners, UNDP Sudan contributes towards achieving peace, stability and sustainable human development to meet the needs and aspirations of the people of Sudan through strategic capacity development initiatives which promotes inclusive, participatory, transparent and efficient governance systems at national and sub-national levels.

Our Goals

The aim of UNDP's programmatic interventions in Sudan is to facilitate peaceful transition from recovery to development and to advance human development, in line with Sudanese national priorities.
Our country plan was developed with the understanding that conflict prevention and peacebuilding, development, and recovery are inextricably interlinked. By enhancing economic recovery and provision of livelihoods opportunities to the people of Sudan, we can provide the strongest incentive for individuals and communities to break out of protracted conflict dynamics and join the peace efforts.
Alongside this, UNDP works towards restorinig government and local capacities to mediate and resolve conflicts, strengthen community’s resilience and ensure effective management of natural resources.  



HDI (UNDP, 2017)


Poverty incidence (CBS, 2014)

1,8 M

sq. km

41.9 m.

Population (CBS, 2018)

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