Inception workshop for Third National Communication and Biennial Updated Report

Oct 13, 2016

Speech for the Country Director on the Inception workshop for

Third National Communication and Biennial Updated Report

Sudan Academy of Banking & Financial Sciences Hall- Jam’a Avenue


9:00 hour, 13th October, 2016


Excellency: Dr. Hassan Abdelgadir Hilal, Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Physical Development

Prof. Omer Al-Tom Al- Shami, Secretary general of the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources

Honorable guests, ladies and gentlemen

  • It gives me great pleasure to welcome you for this inception workshop, while the time is moving fast towards a very important global gatherings – the 22nd Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Marrakesh in November 2016, which seeks to adopt mechanisms for implementing the global agreements to address climate change.
  • You are all aware ladies and gentlemen, that Climate Change, has emerged as one of the most important issues facing the global community in the 21st century. It is expected to pose a serious threat to development and livelihoods, and the effects will be felt most strongly by the poorest people in the least developed area of the world, who rely on the natural environment for their livelihoods.
  • Recent debates over the future post-2015 development framework, and outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, highlight that long-term Sustainable development Goals of inclusive and sustainable development will not be achieved unless the world moves rapidly towards more sustainable use of natural resources such as energy, water and land, while reducing our collective impact on climate change and loss of biodiversity.
  • UNDP also emphasizes on the importance of climate change data set and developing the capacities of national and regional institutions and actors to design and implement policies and programs is key to sustainable natural resources management. Additionally and across the world and in the African region, in particular, there is a growing interest in tackling energy production and access problem in a way that both meets increasing demand without jeopardizing the goals of sustainable development, which include adaptation to and the mitigation of climate change.
  • Developing countries are now pushing to devote more attention and resources to adaptation. Therefore, more attention and support to adaptation would strengthen UNDP’s work with countries to develop integrated water resource management systems; employ more people in water-efficient agricultural production; strengthen social protection so that people can get the food they need in times of hardship; and mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • We are meeting here today to officially launch the enabling project “the Third National Communication”. The main objective of which is to implement an enabling process involving all relevant national stakeholders to prepare and submit Sudan’s Third National Communication (TNC) and first Biennial Update Report (BUR) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • It is a continuation for the capacity building support during the preparation of the 1st and 2nd national communication reports, extended by UNDP and the Global Environment Facility for Sudan to commit with its global environmental reporting obligation. The preparation of these reports will further contribute to building technical capacities within the related sectors and institutions and is expected to lead to informing a number of climate actions and policies on both adaptation and mitigation.
  •  We acknowledge the strong national commitment of the Sudanese government towards the environment and climate change issues and we commit ourselves to continue our engagement and support to the government to achieve our jointly stated goals.

I wish you all a very good deliberations.

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