Step It Up for Gender Equality

International Women’s Day is a crucial opportunity to keep women’s issues on national and international agendas. Despite greater protection for the rights of women; improved access to education; health care and employment - women still do not enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men in many areas. The official United Nations theme for International Women's Day in 2016 is Planet 50-50 by 2030 - Step It Up for Gender Equality.

To mark International Women’s Day and Women’s Rights Ministry of Justice, UNDP and UNESCO in partnership with ‪#‎Ahfad University for Women are convening a roundtable of practitioners, policy makers and experts to discuss the impediments to women’s access to justice and how they can be overcome.

Pavep Kroupkine, Representive of ‪#‎UNESCO in ‪#‎Sudan, said “Today UNESCO had the honor to celebrate with you the values of gender equality and women empowerment so as to raise the awareness about women issues through the national entities in Sudan”.

Surayo Buzurukova, head of Governance and Rule of law at the United Nations Development Programme, said: “I would like to greet all the women and girls of Sudan in the International Women’s Day, we all know that gender equality is not come as individual but as a collective efforts, through civil society and community organizations. As you know, the United Nations Development Programme works with Government of Sudan to strength the governance and rule of law, and now third of the women in the parliament are Sudanese women”.

Her Exellency Tahani Tour El-Daba, State Minister of Justice stated in her speech “Today we are here to honor Sudanese women in her International Day, which give as the chance to evaluate where we are in terms of women issues within the global celebration. Sudanese women had great contribution in civil society as well as different sectors through the last decade. Also Sudan transitional constitution (2005) stated that all the women rights are protected regardless of gender or ethnic without discrimination, finally I would like to thank all our partners who help us continue the work in promoting gender balance and equality.

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