Towards Improving Human Rights Complaint Procedures in Sudan

The Sudan National Human Rights Commission in collaboration with the United National Development Programme organized on June 14-16 training on complaint procedures and the mandate of National Human Rights Institution in Human Rights protection in Sudan.

The training reviewed the current technicalities pertaining to complaint procedures in the country as well the best international practices in this regard, shedding light on the process of receiving, investigating and recommending remedies. Further, this training provided an opportunity for stronger collaboration and networking between the civil society and the national human rights commission in terms of assisting individuals and communities whose rights are violated.

The event was attended by Deputy Chair-person of the Commission Mr. Joseph Khalil Suliman and Mr. Abdel-Rahman Ghandour, UNDP deputy Country Director, in addition to representatives from the Japanese embassy, the EU, the UK and U.S. embassies.

Judges, lawyers, civil society organizations, representatives from the Sudan Human Rights Commission and the Sudan Human Rights Advisory Council reviewed the current complaint procedures in Sudan and in other countries with the aim of enhancing them.

Suggestions ranged from the development of a fully-fledged automated complaint system which is expected- once completed- to revolutionize the way in which complaint is received and entertained.

Regarding, the issue of visibility of the Human Rights Commission, participants stated that the public lacks knowledge on the work of the Commission and ways to access it.  Participants also advised the commission to engage further in orienting the public about its mandate through the production of publications and through social media channels. Representatives from the states also stressed on the need to establish offices in the field to improve accessibility to the commission.

Mr. Al-Tayeb Haroon head of the Complaint Committee “At the National Human Rights Commission remarked that the workshop was indeed very important as it highlighted the activities and mandate of the Commission, which not a lot of people know about. Most importantly a dedicated day will be set aside to showcase to the media and governmental bodies at large our work and what we have achieved so far. We are also hoping that the recent generous donation from donors will enable us to establish offices in the different states to improve accessibility to the Human Rights Commission.”

Khalid Omer of Human Rights Activists Sans Frontiers group  stated “I was very pleased with the outcome of the workshop. We as lawyers and human rights activists are in need of such workshops that orient us on the rights that are granted to us in the constitution and on the role of the Human Rights Commission here in Sudan as many of us are unaware of this role. We are also hoping that as an outcome of this workshop we are able to sign a MoU with the Commission to ensure follow up on any complaints that come to us.”

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