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Sudanese Youth Join the Global Social Good Summit to Serve their Communities

Hundreds of Sudanese youth have joined this year Social Good Summit to vote for their favorite contestant as part of a technology challenge organized by UNDP for youth to develop tech solutions for social good and peace of Sudan.

The contest which is part of this year’s Social Good Summit in Khartoum, helped bring together zealous youth between the ages of 18-35 providing them with an opportunity to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and showcase their unique and innovative thinking in making Sudan a better place.

15 finalists with innovative proposals to address development challenges in the country attended a three day training workshop this week provided by Say Foundation – a Sudanese youth organization- where they were trained on communications skills and small project management skills in order to compete for the final prize.

The contestants are to display their ideas on a public fair on the 20th of September in tandem with the Social Good Summit event in Khartoum where development experts, government officials, civil society organizations and technology leaders are to meet to envision how technology, innovation, and new media can be leveraged for the social good of Sudan.  

A 23 year old graduate who is participating in this year’s contest explains, “This is a great opportunity for me to realize my dream of assisting visually impaired persons who have great difficulty in accessing educational materials and information through the development of a phone application that scans Arabic text. This competition has helped us pursue our dreams of better communities and I hope it inspires other youth to come forward with their ideas for development in the country.”

Another contestant is a blogger and writer who have noted that “There is a huge lack of Sudanese content on the Internet, so I came up with the idea of enriching the Sudanese content on social media platforms and named it SudapediA.  The skills which I have learnt in the three day training are enormous and I am ready now to better serve my communities.”

The Sudan Social Good page on facebook has gathered huge momentum on its first day of launch with a total reach of 40,000 so far. Youth from the Diaspora are also heavily involved in the voting process sending out their tweets and suggestions for participants to expand their proposals for the competition.

The Sudanese Ministry of Information, civil society organizations represented by the Sudanese Assembly of Youth, Sudia and the University of Khartoum, and members of the private sector Zain Telecommunications and DAL Group have made considerable contributions to this year’s Social Good Summit by contributing to the training and awarded prizes of the young contestants as part of their commitment to development causes in Sudan.  

Held during UN Week from September 21-22, the Social Good Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders and grassroots activists to discuss solutions for the greatest development challenges of our time. Only last year, more than 20,000 conversations were generated on various social media channels on solutions to development issues with more than 70,000 tweets from 65 countries reaching over 100,000,000 individuals  helping thus,  in  bridging  the digital divide in many parts of our world.

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