Towards improving Better Diagnosis and Treatment in Sudan

On 21-23 October 2014 - UNDP –PMU in collaboration with Sudan National AIDS Control Programme (SNAP) launched a three days training workshop on the use of CD4 machines in Sudan.

Participants constituted two laboratory specialists from Khartoum and 9 other states. (Totalling 28 participants plus two from NPHL virology department)

The main objectives of the workshop were; to increase the knowledge and skills of the medical laboratory specialists operating with CD4 machines and address challenges that could arise during operation such as solving the troubleshooting of the CD4 machine. The facilitators were from PARTEC Company in addition to one national laboratory.

There are 14 CD4 machines in Sudan (Cyflow S3) distributed into ART (anti-retroviral) centres in different states.  Therefore, HIV patients can get their treatments, and follow the treatment progress.

The CD4 machine is used to follow up the treatment of HIV patients by measuring the count number of CD4 cells in patient blood. If there is an increase in the counted number then this indicates that patient treatment is ongoing and is experiencing improvement and if the count is decreasing then this is prompts a review with the clinician.

The training included basics of flow cytometry, different methods of counting, quality control measures, and sample preparations. The sessions were followed by practical sessions where participants performed different testing on fresh samples.

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