#Sudan2030 - The Future is Here:

Sudan Embarks on a New Foresighting Experience to Enhance Strategic Planning and Decision Making

Emerging futures and signals of change are constantly a topic of interest in Sudan, given the various socioeconomic complexities that are constantly shaping and modifying the modern face of the country.

Cognizant of this interest, UNDP in collaboration with the Institute for Future (IFTF) and Futurescaper organized the first foresighting event in Sudan on November 2, 2014 to explore the use of foresighting methodologies for strategic planning and decision-making in the Sudanese context.

This initiative is part of a global effort within UNDP to respond to different types of development challenges with agile and flexible solutions, representing a shift away from a ‘business as usual’ approach.

Faced with a world that is changing with increasing pace, UNDP is therefore taking steps to create space and encouragement for individuals to collaborate creatively, adopt an outside-in perspective that is driven by the clients’ perspective and needs, and take measured risks.

In Sudan, the Sudan 2030 event on November 2, was framed as part of the Sudan Talks series, building on previous dialogues around the changing socioeconomic and political landscape of Sudan over the past year. The event also used the opportunity to launch the global Human Development Report 2014 as a key UNDP think-piece on current trends and future priorities.

The overall purpose of the event was to introduce a diverse Sudanese audience to the concept of foresighting and to review ways in which foresighting has been used to support strategic planning across complex cross-cutting policy and socio-economic issues across the African continent. To do this, the event gathered futurists and scenario planners from Botswana, South Africa, Kenya and Sudan. With around 110 participants, the event was also successful in creating a group with whom UNDP Sudan’s innovation team and partners can engage as the foresighting process develops in Sudan, using both offline and online engagements.

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