UNDP Sudan Digest - Issue No.4, November/December 2014

14 Dec 2014

Imagine Sudan 2030: Oranges from plantations in the Jebel Mara area are exported to the entire sub region and beyond; El Obeid becomes the Silicon Valley of the Horn of Africa; a nation-wide health insurance scheme provides citizens throughout Sudan with access to care. These are some of the ideas that emerged during our foresighting kick-off event in Khartoum on the 2nd November. Enabling people from all walks of life to come together and discuss visions and aspirations for the future, we felt a positive spirit emerging that in many ways transcended existing divisions of daily life. We are excited to see this process rolling out across the regions of Sudan with the aim of building collaborative visions and scenarios for a better Sudan in 2030.

In the meantime, UNDP’s Energy & Environment team has started to address an immediate urgent future. In partnership with the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity, a project was developed, funded and signed this week to reduce CO emissions of Sudan by 91,780t CO2/year through the establishment of a wind farm in Dongola.

Another vision for the future was imagined in November during the UN Global Compact’s launch of the Business for Peace initiative in Sudan, where an impressive range of private sector companies, academics, government and non-government institutions explored new partnerships for peace. These initiatives show that there is a great appetite for cross-sectoral partnerships and innovation - a trend that UNDP Sudan firmly believes in and wishes to support as we move forward.

As you might have noticed, the months of November and December for us are all about imagining different futures for Sudan. As always and as we look ahead at our work in 2015, we’d appreciate your feedback and thoughts.

Best wishes, Your UNDP Sudan Team

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