Japan Renews Support to Security and Stabilization in Sudan

Feb 5, 2018

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Ambassador of Japan to Sudan  H.E. Mr. Hideki  has recently conducted a  visit to conflict affected communities (internally displaced persons, refugees and host communities) in West Kordofan state on 15-16 January 2018.  The visit comes in line with Japan’s efforts to gain firsthand experience on the implementation of health, nutrition, and community stabilization projects implemented by the United Nations’ agencies, UNICEF and UNDP respectively.

Upon arrival of the delegation which was led by ambassador Hideki Ito along with government officials, UNDP and UNICEF and civil society partners, both Misseriya and Dinka tribes exhibited their traditional dances, signifying peaceful co-existence and harmony in the state.

In previous years, Japan has been in the forefront to support “Security and Stabilization Programme” (C2SP) implemented by UNDP Sudan,  along with UK, Spain and Italy to promote resilience and the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. The component of C2SP includes local economic development by promoting economic ventures, while promoting peaceful co-existence. In addition, the displaced population are ensured to have a decent living, departing from dependence on aid.

C2SP therefore, presents an example of durable solutions interventions that stands out  as a testimony of the success of implementing the humanitarian-development peace nexus in post-conflict situations.

Elmuglad in West Kordofan, is a conflict affected area having a combined population of displaced persons; refugees and host communities living together and sharing the same resources and livelihood activities; in addition to a  large overflow of population due to the Abyei conflict dynamics.  

The main goal of the of the visit was to asses the implementation of the C2SP agricultural activities  by the local communities on the ground. One of the main achievements of the project is that 200 members of the community have been able to plant and gain sustainable daily income through the production of  sorghum; hibiscus and peanuts during the rainy season. C2SP has provided them with a tractor, agricultural accessories and tools like tillers and harvesting machines, extension training sessions for the community management committees about program management, monitoring and evaluation, fiscal management, peace building and natural resources management.

Governor of the West Kordofan State lauded The C2SP support to communities in the region by saying “Such projects have a profound impact on the lives of communities and people and will lead to the promotion of local economic development while fostering peaceful co-existence.” 

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H.E. Hideki Ito the Japanese Ambassador expressed his appreciation of the CSP results on the ground in last two years describing C2SP as one of the strongest projects contributing to development and stability in Sudan and assured that Japan will continue to support the Programme. “Two years ago, I attended the handover ceremony of this project in Khartoum with the presence of Vice President H.E. Hassabo Mohamed Abdulrahman. On that occasion, I saw the tractors and harvest machines being handed over from the Japanese people to the Sudanese people. At the time, I could not help but hope that the equipment will benefit the Sudanese for a long time. Today, I am very pleased to be able to see with my own eyes the same tractors and harvest machines being used by the local people of Abyei – Muglad locality. I renew my hope that this equipment will generate more production and alleviate poverty and empower communities and be long remembered as a gift from the Japanese people to Sudan”.

Mr. Abulgesim Younis, Abyei Commissioner commended the Japanese contributions in supporting communities in the state by saying “We thank the UNDP and the government of Japan represented by the Ambassador in Sudan on their great support of our community through the C2SP activities and their contribution in creating job opportunities, increase the income for the local community members and create seasonal labor opportunities for the refugees. These efforts have contributed to the increase of peaceful coexistence and reconciliation in the area and we hope that this project will further be replicated in other localities in the state.”

Mariam one of the women beneficiaries in the region stated, “Each family has cultivated 5 Fed an and due to the agriculture extension and the improved seeds as well as good and timely preparation of land- using the tractor and equipment provided by the Japan support-  we could produce a total of 35 Sacks and each sack sale gave us 500SDG in return and the total income per family was around 17,500 SDG.

Another beneficiary of the project Ms. Huda Awad Allah  added “We are 200 members in (Ayadi Alkheir) committee, we are using the rain fed agriculture mechanism and women have  a great role in these activities. The training which has been provided for us has enabled us to use rainfed mechanism effectively; “

Adam Alday, the Community Management Committee (CMC) representative in Muglad ; presented his thanks and appreciation to the Japanese ambassador by saying “The donation provided by the Japanese government have helped us greatly improve the living and raising the level of income and created an environment for coexistence and tolerance among communities in our area. The project has been used by 200 members using tractor and accessories, training on agricultural practices and peace building campaigns; and establishment of community management committees “.

This is a testimony of a community which has been suffering because of conflict. The community and the displaced population have jointly endorsed that the dependence on aid need to be decreased but they all should strive jointly to foster economic development so as to provide decent livelihoods to all, which are also sustainable and at the same time sustain peace co-existence, which is promoted by C2SP project.

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