Social Good Summit 2017 Concludes in Khartoum Amidst Huge Interest from the Sudanese Youth

Sep 18, 2017



Yesterday, the Social Good Summit has concluded its sessions in Khartoum with the promotion of five innovative solutions to overcome developmental challenges in Sudan.

Around 250 Sudanese youth have attended this year’s Social Good Summit, which was hosted by Future University. Students from across Sudan have presented their ideas and solutions for developmental challenges in Sudan to a large audience of academia, private sector representatives in addition to a number of media houses such as Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya TV and Sudan National TV.

The projects presented ranged from games for social change in Sudan via raising awareness on water diarrhea, innovation for agriculture in Darfur, designing a cost effective prosthetic limbs to assist war victims, designing of monitoring tools for flood tide levels in addition to the designing of a robot to be used during fires.

The event was successful in bringing together various sectors of the society such as development experts, Government officials, non-government organizations, private sector representatives, technology leaders and entrepreneurs in particular Impact Hub Khartoum. 


Impact Hub Khartoum have also held a one day innovation camp targeting 90 students out of which 63 were females. The sessions presented to students focused on principles of design thinking , social innovation and how to incorporate the SDGs in these innovation projects. The students of Future University came up with 51 ideas presented, under the SDGs goals 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8.

The participants of the summit are to form a network of innovators that help nest innovative, entrepreneurial skills in Sudan and serve as mentoring guide to all youth with aspirations for social change.

The Social Good Summit is held every year during the United Nations Week in September under the slogan “Future in Focus”.

The main objective of the summit is to examine the impact of technology and new media on development initiatives worldwide as well as providing concrete solutions for sustainable development.

 It is worth noting that the Hashtag #SGS_Krt has reached 175,418 on twitter and that the overall social media visibility of the event have reached  409,411 conversations generated. 

Watch highlight of this year summit via this video

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