Products Up Front: A focus on the economic empowerment of women

May 22, 2017

UNDP_Superwoman1A kid playing with his toy elephant, a product of Superwoman Network


“I think if he could speak, he would tell us how much he loves his elephant. I bought this toy for my son, because it is handmade with care and it also supports the women.”

- Diana, mother of Johannes (18 months)

UNDP_Superwoman2Mama Nour and Mai with some toys from the Shamaa workshop

“We have seen a real change in the women and girls after they started working on the toys” says Nour Hussein, Founder and Director of the Shamaa Organisation. “Working on the toys has changed their state of mind. Before they were dormant, now they are more active and goal-oriented.”

The Shamaa Organisation hosts a shelter for single mothers in Khartoum, the only one of its kind in Sudan, providing support to single mothers who are in a legally and socially precarious situation.

“We hope that developing our toys and other items will generate income for the women. We are also hoping to find support to develop our shelter into a multi-purpose women’s center”.

UNDP_Superwoman_braceletA Superwoman Bracelet made at SEEMA


Economic empowerment is not just about money

“From our experience we can see that economic empowerment is not just about money, but about building social capital, hope and a sense of ownership and planning. This is especially true of the vulnerable women that we work with.” says Nahid Jabralla, founder and director of SEEMA, an NGO working with victims and survivors of GBV in Khartoum. “Making a product that is competitive in the market and that someone will actually buy is a huge boost for their self-confidence.”

To learn more about the products, watch this video.

As part of the activities within the Khartoum-based SUPERWOMAN network, the participants showcased their products at a recent event “Women of 2017” at the French Cultural Institute. You can view the event highlights via the video below:


You can find out more about the items above and other Superwoman Empowerment Products via this link.

Women’s economic empowerment is an integral part of the work of UNDP Sudan in support of Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

The Superwoman network is an inclusive women’s empowerment network based in Khartoum, supported by UNDP Sudan and the Finnish Government.

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