Partnering Against Violent Extremism

Dec 20, 2016

The SNCCT (Sudan National Commission for Counter Terrorism) and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) have joined hands in preventing violent extremism in Sudan and have  recently conducted  a study to understand the reasons and triggers for individuals who join violent extremism and radical movements as it has become an alarming growing phenomenon in most African and Arab regions.

Despite continuous efforts, Sudan with its massive borders is prone to risk.  Against this background, UNDP in collaboration with the Sudan National Commission for Countering Terrorism have organized a workshop on combatting violent extremism with generous support from the government of Japan.

Many ambassadors and diplomats from 34 embassies attended the event to examine the  preliminary findings of a study on the genesis of terrorism  which will assist the region and other countries to formulate approaches for combatting terrorism.

The UN Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Ms. Marta Ruedas addressed the event where she expressed that “Terrorism is a problem that affects not only Sudan but any country in the region and therefore suggested that it requires strong partnerships among all stakeholders and she also said that unless we know the reasons we cannot design a remedy “

Meanwhile, Japanese Ambassador to Khartoum, H.E. Mr. Hideki ITO, considered radicalization an issue that concerns the society, particularly with the atrocities committed by terrorist groups. The Ambassador urged voluntary organizations to cooperate and share experiences to fight terrorism. “Sudan deserves support and encouragement so that it can prevent terrorism within it and all the region, affirming that Japan will support the basic studies relating to the fight against the phenomena of terrorism.

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