UNDP conducts Financial Reporting Workshop for the Civil Society Organizations

More than 75 CHF and DCPSF NGO partners participated in the Financial Reporting Workshop conducted recently by the UNDP Fund Management Unit.  The objective of the workshop was to build the financial reporting capacity of partners by demonstrating step-by-step the process for completing a financial report, and illustrating what the FMU looks for when reviewing their submitted financial reports for compliance.  The session also included an exercise with NGO partners finding the errors in non-compliant report.

The workshop responds to a recent client services survey, in which 89% of the respondents stated that overall working with FMU is favorable.  At the same time, partners indicated a strong interest in additional capacity support from the FMU, particularly in the areas of financial management and financial reporting.   The FMU structured the workshop as an interactive training and launched it just in advance of the quarterly submission of the June 30 financial report.

While the FMU expects the submission of compliant reports to increase as a result of the workshop, NGO partners had this reaction to the training;

“The workshop encompassed the subjects specifically as I wanted to learn and understand. This has been a knowledge-based activity and such initiatives are a real addition in value chain” said Sara Elgeily, of the NGO NIDA.

“As a finance officer, I am much clearer about the review process of reports submitted to the FMU. i think the true impact of this training will be seen when our coming reports will not take that long time as it used to process due to back and forth non-compliance issues” commented by Eltayib Adam from Catholic Relief Services.

As reflected in these comments, the workshop is part of UNDP’s efforts to increase capacity for civil society organizations in Sudan, as reflected in the core values of strengthening the abilities of individuals, organizations, and societies to set and achieve their own development objectives over time”.

Established in 2006, the FMU has developed an effective approach to civil society capacity building, both in the humanitarian and development sector. The FMU is embedded in the UNDP Country Office as part of the Oversight and Support Division.   In the past 6 years, the FMU has served as Managing Agent for more than US$ 320,000 in allocations to national and international NGOs.

For more information: fmu.sd@undp.org

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