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  • From Songs of War to Songs of Peace: Hakamat Women in Promote Peaceful Coexistence in North Darfur Oct 18, 2017

    Yesterday, around 30 Hakamas and 10 key influential community leaders and native administrators in North Darfur have participated in a two day community outreach peace forum facilitated by both UNAMID Civil Affairs and UNDP.

  • UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security launched regionally in Darfur Oct 16, 2017

    UNDP Sudan, and State Partners successfully concluded a regional launch of the United Nations Security Council Resolution on Youth, Peace and Security (UNSCR 2250) in Darfur under the auspices of its youth flagship project – The Youth Volunteers Supporting Peace and Recovery in Darfur Project (YoVoReD).

  • Ambassador of Japan to Sudan, H.E. Mr. Hideki Ito visits UNDP and UNOPS projects in Central Darfur State. Oct 2, 2017

    A Japanese Delegation led by the Ambassador of Japan to Sudan, H.E. Hideki Ito paid a two-day visit to Central Darfur on the 1st and 2nd October 2017. They arrived to a rousing and warm welcome by State government authorities, the UN, local community members and beneficiaries of Japan funded projects for UNOPS and UNDP. This is the first visit by the Ambassador of Japan to Central Darfur.

  • Sudanese Youth Advocates Join Hand to Promote the SDGs all Across Sudan Oct 2, 2017

    The United Nations Development Programme - UNDP in Sudan, in collaboration with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) have launched on August 3rd the Global Goals Advocacy Programme directed towards promoting and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s upheld by the United Nations in September 2015.

  • Social Good Summit 2017 Concludes in Khartoum Amidst Huge Interest from the Sudanese Youth Sep 18, 2017

    Yesterday, the Social Good Summit has concluded its sessions in Khartoum with the promotion of five innovative solutions to overcome developmental challenges in Sudan. Around 250 Sudanese youth have attended this year’s Social Good Summit, which was hosted by Future University. Students from across Sudan have presented their ideas and solutions for developmental challenges in Sudan to a large audience of academia , private sector representatives in addition to a number of media houses.

  • UNDP Enhancing Local Capacities on Legal Aid and Alternative Disputes Resolutions in Darfur Sep 7, 2017

    UNDP in collaboration with Civil Aid Organization (CAO) has recently conducted a series of training workshops in East and Central Darfur, during July and August 2017, as a part of the joint program for the Rule of Law and Human Rights in Darfur.

  • UNDP and Judiciary Organize forums in Darfur to strengthen the Criminal Justice Chain Aug 28, 2017

    As part of the Joint Programme for Rule of Law and Human Rights activities, the Sudan Judiciary in collaboration with UNDP have carried out 12 training sessions on strengthening the criminal justice and prisons chain in 4 Darfur states East Darfur (El Deian) West Darfur (EL Geneina), Central Darfur (Zalinge) and South Darfur (Nyala) between May and August 2017.

  • UNDP Introduces Training on International Human Rights standards to Prisons Administration in Darfur Aug 28, 2017

    Between July and August 2017, UNDP have organized a 3 three-day workshop on International Human Rights Standards and prisons in Khartoum, Nyala and El Fasher in Darfur. The workshops were focused on introducing the international human rights standards related to prisons and the national legal framework pertaining to the legal aid.

  • UNDP Sudan Youth Volunteers celebrated International Youth Day in Darfur Aug 17, 2017

    To celebrate the 2017 International Youth Day, the UNDP Sudan Youth Volunteers Supporting Peace and Recovery in Darfur Project (YoVoReD) held a series of youth centred events from the 10th to 13th August 2017. The events were organized in collaboration with State Governments, UNAMID, UN Agencies other grassroots organisations and groups in West, North and South Darfur States of Sudan. A total of 3,000 Darfuri people from different backgrounds; including 90 YoVoReD Youth Volunteers, participated in the celebration of the occasion across Darfur.

  • Renewable Energy Serves as a Peacebuilding Catalyst in Sudan Jun 18, 2017

    Solar powered water pumps run on electricity generated after its absorption by photovoltaic panels. The panels collect the radiated thermal energy from the sun and convert it to electricity that powers the pumps for water extraction. This technology is extremely viable for regions that receive high temperatures and consistent sunlight (Ahmed and Anderson 1995). Sudan is one of the countries on the solar belt zone where radiation of the sun is the strongest.

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