Poverty Reduction

Although Sudan is ranked as a middle income country, almost half of its population lives in poverty. Investment has traditionally been targeted at the capital, Khartoum and its surrounding areas, leaving much of this vast country, undeveloped and its population living in desperately poor conditions. Added to this, decades of conflict and instability, weak governance, high unemployment, rapid urban migration and climate change have all acerbated the challenges millions of Sudanese people face every day. Read More

Our Goals

UNDP is working across Sudan to help communities maximize this potential, making the most of the real market opportunities that exist, and helping people adapt to the challenges they face. Read More

Fishermen on the Red Sea, Sudan

Fishermen in Port Sudan using UNDP donated boats as part of UNDP's income-generating support to the East. (Photo: UNDP Sudan)

Our Stories

  • Businesses bloom in Sudan

    Picking flowers is not generally considered hazardous, but Alhadi Ibrahim Muhammed is using a gargara for his protection as he plucks blooms from a hibiscus plant. The small, metal tool allows him to avoid painful skin reactions as he picks the colourful crop.more

Projects and Initiatives

Sudan National Human Development Report

Preparation of Sudan National Human Development Reports

The Human Development Reports (HDR) is an independent report and one of the main advocacy tools for UNDP for advancing the human development conceptual framework and in applying it to the current most pressing development challenges. more

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Macroeconomic Policies For Poverty Reduction: The Case of Sudan

This report is part of a global
UNDP-supported project that started in 2001 and has grown to encompass policy-oriented
research, advisory services and capacity development in 25 developing countries

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