Volunteering to End Malaria: Sudanese Youth Join National Campaign to Combat Malaria

The National Malaria Control Programme, Federal Ministry of Health and Sinnar state Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched the Indoor Residual Spaying (IRS) campaign during the period of 8- 16 of September . The campaign was launched in Abu Hoggar locality , Sennar State which was attended by the Governor of Sennar State Al-Daw Al-Mahi and State Minister of Health Mohamed Abdel Gadir Al-Mamoun and Vakho Svanidze UNDP Deputy Country Director (Op). The campaign targeted 7 localities  and 24 administrative units in Sennar State.

Given the importance of Indoor Residual Spaying (IRS) for combating malaria in irrigated areas to encircle the transmission of the disease, the campaign came as instrumental vector control to combat malaria in South-Eastern states.

This year, youth volunteers actively joined the campaign throughout the different locality levels.

Muddar Ahmed , a volunteer from Sinnar stated “Last year, my friends volunteered for the IRS  campaign in my town , I was not able to join them as I had to sit for my high school final exam.  I was very eager to participate because of the importance of this campaign to my community. Mosquitoes trouble us here in Sinnar. Families get malaria and young children die. Malaria does not discriminate, it affects us all: farmers, workers and soldiers. It does not matter if you were poor or rich, if you live in a place where Malaria is prevalent, you might get Malaria.”

  (From right to left) Mr. Vakho Svanidze, UNDP Deputy Country Director (ops) shaking hands with the Governor of Sinnar State Mr. Al-Daw Al_Mahi at the IRS kick-off in Abu Huggar locality, Sinnar state, Sep 2015.

“Now that I am done with school, I thought of participating in this campaign. I have learnt how to blend, prepare and apply the insecticide in addition to protecting myself from intoxication by following basic safety procedures mainly: Wearing the protective gear and washing my hands after insecticide application. I also take care of my gear and make sure they are in good shape all the time. I have learnt all of this during the training which we had attended during the campaign organised by the Ministry and UNDP.  I think we are doing a good thing here, we fight mosquitoes and we protect ourselves from Malaria.”
The IRS  campaign is part of  the Global Fund to Fight AIDS , TB and Malaria programme’s second  round that targets households in Sinnar and Jazeera states.

Malaria is one of the major public health concerns in Sudan. The country shoulders one  the highest percentage of malaria morbidity and mortality rates in Eastern and Mediterranean Region.  In recent years, Sudan  has made great   progress in the fight  against malaria as a results of strong and  harmonized partnership between malaria partners.

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