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  • DARFUR ON THE MOVE - Growing Peace Today

    Fatima is a local hibiscus producer in West Darfur. She runs her farm together with her eldest son and up until last year she had been growing hibiscus the way she had always done it. This was until she met Abubaker. Abubaker had been nominated by his village elders to participate in a UNDP youth volunteer programme through the University of El Fasher that would give him advanced skills and expertise in modern farming methods and business strategies.

  • Fund Links Women to Skills and Income Opportunities

    Port Sudan, Red See State, the women of the Diem Arab Centre in downtown Port Sudan have traditionally suffered from absence of viable economic options and welcome income-generating opportunities to earn money for their families.

  • Hakamas Promote Peace-building in Darfur

    The Hakama women who traditionally chant songs encouraging their husbands and sons to fight in the frontlines are now being taught key messages of peace and stability.

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