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  • A Fresh Crop: Exciting Environmental Initiatives Take Hold in Northern Sudan

    In the highly arid ecosystems in the northern part of the country lies River Nile state. Under the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) framework in the state, six villages that lay alongside the western bank of the River Atbara have been targeted by UNDP for increasing the resilience of the local communities to the effects of climate change in Sudan

  • Climate Change: If You Can’t Beat it, Adapt to it

    In Bara, a locality in North Kordofan, that encompasses 90 tiny villages, the greenery can be deceptive. The flat desert sprawls for miles around, dotted with tiny villages where the only colors to be seen are the bright clothes of women coming back from their weekly trip to the central market of Bara town...

  • Solar Energy in Sudan

    “We are now seeing what we have begun months back finally being finally realized ”, said engineer Adel Jaafar Arbab, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Resources, Fishery and Irrigation in Sudan’s Northern State. hope to get unstuck and move forward in alternative energy projects in the Northern State, where a wind energy project has recently been signed between the Government of Sudan and the United Nations Development Programme.

  • Sweeter than Honey: Economic Recovery Returns to Darfur

    “Since I began my beekeeping business in honey production, processing and wax refining with the Value Chain project, I am now able to support my family. I am now able to sell my products at the local market, as well as further afield in Nyala, Khartoum and Omdurman,” says Abdul-Aziz, a 50-year old father of four, from Bindisi in Central Darfur State. Along with his wife and children, Abdul-Aziz was displaced from his village when the war erupted in his area and forced to seek refugee in an IDP camp in Mukjar. Abdul-Aziz had lost everything.

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