Environment and Energy

Continued conflict and weakened institutional arrangements and national policies to manage natural resources have increased the livelihoods vulnerability of rural and semi-urban communities in Sudan. Under this focus area, UNDP is scaling up its gender-responsive support to national and state institutions to address environmental degradation and natural resource management. Read more

Our Goals

UNDP Sudan aims to develop adaptation and risk reduction measures to support national counterparts in reducing vulnerability and strengthening community resilience to climate change. Read more

Energy and Environment

Newly introduced climate adaptation methods have helped fight back intense deforestation

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Climate Risk Finance for those Most Vulnerable to Climate change

According to Sudan’s National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA), the groups that are most vulnerable to climate risks are traditional rain-fed farmers and pastoralists. more

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Land Issues and Peace in Sudan

With an area of one million square miles, the Sudan is the largest African country. Its natural resources are numerous and plenty: different climatic zones, extensive productive soils, generally flat topography and perennial and seasonal sources of surface water and under-ground water aquifers.