Governance and Stabilization

Improving governance is a fundamental aim of UNDP’s work in Sudan. Having state institutions that work efficiently in the interests of all citizens is vital for building a better, fairer society in Sudan. Hand in hand with this, goes the need for a strong legal system that enables the rule of law to be upheld, and a judicial system to which every citizen has equal access. Read more

Our Goals

Better governance and rule of law are essential steps in stabilizing conflict in Sudan. A lack of governance, in Darfur for example, is often cited as a driver of the conflict that has devastated millions of lives for more than a decade. Improving access to the justice system – particularly for marginalized or vulnerable groups - is also an essential step in overcoming underlying issues that fuel conflict in Sudan. Read more

Student in Eastern Sudan

A student in the East of the country sketches a drawing as part of anti-corruption campaign supported by UNDP Sudan. (Photo: UNDP Sudan)more

Our Stories

When my Voice Counts

Senior government officials, parliamentarians and locality administrations met over two days to discuss the role of the legislative council in improving government performance in Kassala state. more 

Sudanese women and girls march in El Fasher, North Darfur, to celebrate the International Women’s Day. [UN Photo/Olivier Chassot]
Ending Impunity- UNDP's Legal Aid Programme in Darfur

Women and girls continue to suffer from widespread insecurity in the conflict-ridden region of Darfur. For 13-year old Aisha, her childhood ended when she was brutally raped by an adult man while on the way to the market of the small town of Garssila, in former West Darfur, now Central Darfur.more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Local governance and public expenditure management in East Sudan

    UNDP is working with the government, as well as civil society, at state and local level, to train staff in essential finance and auditing skills, as well as procurement and planning. Better, planning and careful budgeting are helping those in government have a clearer, longer term vision for the future.more 

  • Strengthening the Rule of Law and Legal Protection in Darfur

    The Support to the Abyei Civil Administration Project started in November 2008. The project was created following the signing of the Abyei Road Map on 8 June 2008 to end violence that erupted in Abyei in May 2008 resulting in more than 60,000 people being displacedmore 

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