Hakamas Promote Peace-building in Darfur

Hakama Women in Darfur
The Hakama women traditionally chant songs encouraging their husbands and sons to fight in the front-lines

Nyala, February 8, 2012,- Approximately 37 Hakamas in South Darfur State participated in a one day training session facilitated by both the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Sudan Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (SDDRC) and their implementing partner AFIA-Sudan.

The Hakama women who traditionally chant songs encouraging their husbands and sons to fight in the frontlines are now being taught key messages of peace and stability. Topics covered during the training were peace-building, gender, guiding principles of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW), general overview of Community Security and Arms Control (CSAC). Following the trainings, which also took place in El Fasher and El Geneina, a total of 120 women singers will perform their new songs at 24 specially designed community security themed football game halftime shows throughout the three states of Darfur.

The training was officially opened by the Acting Executive Director for South Darfur DDRC Abdel Rahim Mohamed Ahmed Saeed who implored the Hakamas to continue their support to the peace building process in South Darfur while tapping into their strengths as leaders to develop customized songs on Gender and peace building to inform, educate and hence influence their communities.

One of the Hakamas, Huda Rahimt-Allah, remarked at the closing of the workshop, “This workshop really provided me with so many useful insights especially towards the role of women in peace building and how violence against women must end. We the Hakamas call for all these virtues in our songs.” Huda then sang a new song composed especially for that day for the audience where in an expressive voice she chanted “Peace Breeze is coming, put the gun down. And come yes, the Peace Breeze is coming to us!”

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