The Man of Peace

Uncle Hamdoun Rahmatallah Hamdoun, has succeeded in bringing about peace and reconciliation in West Kordufan by halting the killing of thousands when a dispute erupted between two tribes at the locality of Meriam, West Kordofan. 

The story dates back to the time when Hamdoun’s  seven sons were attacked at night with their cows and herds. As a result of the attack , five of his sons were killed and two injured. When the news broke out, the tribe of the victims  gathered and took up arms to avenge the blood of their children. The spark of war was ignited and the tribe would not rest until they retaliated.

Uncle Hamdoun recalls the incident, “Over the years, problems between these two  tribes  have led to the death of many and left behind orphans and widows. My seven sons were on the outskirts of the town when they were attacked by this other tribe.  I remember clearly  how our tribe gathered around  3000-strong force men and got ready to fight. However, I told them that I had pardoned those who killed my sons and that I neither want retaliation nor blood money in order to preserve and maintain security and peace where we live. If peace is achieved in exchange for my dead sons, I would be satisfied.  My sons are a dowry for peace. War is useless; it hinders development and I hope one day we will all enjoy prosperity.”

Dr. Abdulmajid Ahmed, Director of the Center for Peace Studies and Disputes Resolution at Al-Salam University in Al-Foula town stated “ Hamdoun is a man of peace. He has laid down the value of forgiveness in a tribal environment where the culture of retaliation is a major drive. Wavering vengeance belittles one’s dignity. A man of this stature should be honored at the Sudanese and international levels. If the United Nations succeeded in certain areas in achieving peace by applying force sometimes, this man brought has brought peace to thousands of people by pardoning of  perpetrators who killed his five sons.”

On March 17th , Hamdoun was honored as part of the Peace Week events held in AL-Foula, West Kordufan State. The week was organized by the Social Reconciliation and Peaceful Co-existence Mechanism in collaboration with the UNDP’s Joint Programme to Reduce Conflicts and the Center for Peace and Development Studies (CPDS). Hamdoun was honored by the Governor of West Kordufan, Yusuf Jubara;  the Minister of Education, UNDP and CPDS.

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