Qatar Donates $88.5 Million for Developing Darfur

The State of Qatar has signed on September 21, 2014  a  $88.5 million grant agreement with the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund, administered by UNDP, to finance recovery and reconstruction in Darfur, Sudan. 

Indeed, this is considered to be the single largest donation made by the State of Qatar to the United Nations.

Chair of the United Nations Development Group, and UNDP Administrator, Helen Clark stated that “We are very grateful to the State of Qatar for its unwavering support to the efforts for peace and recovery in Darfur, where too many people have lost their lives and livelihoods. It is our firm belief that investing in development in Darfur can help break the cycle of violence and begin to sow the seeds of peace in this region of Sudan.”

This support is one of the main outcomes of the Darfur peace agreement, signed in Doha in 2011, and will kick-start the implementation of the immediate priorities outlined in the Darfur Development Strategy (DDS), launched at the Doha International Donor Conference in April 2013.  The DDS has three main development pillars which are I) Reconstruction II) Governance, Justice and Reconciliation III) Economic Recovery.

The Qatari contribution covers half of the requirements for immediate needs identified in the Darfur Development Strategy, known as the FAST (Foundational and Short Term) activities which traverse the three main pillars of development.

The overall financial needs envisioned in the 6-year plan for the development of Darfur are USD 7.2 billion.

The development of the Darfur Development Strategy (DDS) was based on the need to enhance economic recovery and to provide livelihood opportunities for the people of Darfur which are the strongest incentives for individuals and communities to break out from conflict dynamics and join peace efforts instead.

Offering a coordinated and holistic plan for equitable, sustainable and participatory development, the DDS proposes to move away from humanitarian aid to early recovery, recognizing that a decade of emergency relief has left wide segments of the population dependent on aid.

This recent Qatrai donation presents an excellent opportunity for supporting self-reliance and building resilience of crisis-affected communities in Darfur.

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