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  • Training for a Better Future in Blue Nile state

    Last November, twenty three year old Alhindi Abdalla arrived at the Khartoum Vocational Training Centre along with 41 youth from Elhay Elgnoubi, Rosairis locality in Blue Nile State to start their two month vocational training in auto-mechanics and auto-electrics.

  • A Fresh Crop: Exciting Environmental Initiatives Take Hold in Northern Sudan

    In the highly arid ecosystems in the northern part of the country lies River Nile state. Under the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) framework in the state, six villages that lay alongside the western bank of the River Atbara have been targeted by UNDP for increasing the resilience of the local communities to the effects of climate change in Sudan

  • Climate Change: If You Can’t Beat it, Adapt to it

    In Bara, a locality in North Kordofan, that encompasses 90 tiny villages, the greenery can be deceptive. The flat desert sprawls for miles around, dotted with tiny villages where the only colors to be seen are the bright clothes of women coming back from their weekly trip to the central market of Bara town...

  • Fund Links Women to Skills and Income Opportunities

    Port Sudan, Red See State, the women of the Diem Arab Centre in downtown Port Sudan have traditionally suffered from absence of viable economic options and welcome income-generating opportunities to earn money for their families.

  • UNDP Supports Value Chain Development in Sudan

    In the framework of supporting microfinance sectors in Sudan and enhancing capacity building mechanisms of national and sub-national levels for value chain development in Sudan, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Microfinance Unit (MFU) at the Central Bank of Sudan organized a five day workshop on “Training on Inclusive Market Development with a Focus on Value Chains and Access to Finance.”

  • UNDP Organizes First Forum on Legislative Coordination in a Federal System in Sudan

    The Sudan Judiciary and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have launched today a comprehensive training workshop

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