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  • Civic Education Comes First in South Kordofan

    South Kordofan state, UNDP DDR implementing partner Near East Foundation unrolled the first civic education training of trainers in the state

  • Establishment of One Man Can (OMC) National Network

    Following the successful implementation of the One Man Can (OMC) campaigns in the Blue Nile, Northern Kordofan and Khartoum states, UNDP sought to expand the experience and share success of the campaigns more widely through capacity building of selected government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) aiming at establishing a national OMC Network.

  •   “I am from South Kordofan”: Peace Ambassadors Spread the Message

    Khartoum - The Sudan DDR Commission (SDDRC) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme has implemented a large-scale peace building project in both Khartoum and five localities in South Kordofan State, which aimed to provide a broad radio sensitization and outreach campaign to a populace which very much needs to hear it

  • Harnessing Youth Talents to Rebuild Darfur

    Kawther is a recent graduate from the Zalingei University in Central Darfur, where she read Agriculture and Crop Science Studies. Like many other youth in her community, she hopes for peace and stability in a region that has long suffered the consequences of conflict. Believing in the importance of young people working together for a common future, Kawther took part in the Youth Volunteers Rebuilding Darfur Project (YVRDP) under the' Environment Volunteers' scheme.

  • “Grateful for my sister” A Friendship is forged in Abyei - Story of a Dinka and Misseriya Friend

    Hawa Deng, a tall Dinka woman, garbed in red tobe, smile as she recalls the time when she was due to give birth to her youngest son, "I was due for delivery and my husband wasn't at home them..."

  • Putting Down the Weapon, Picking Up the Pen

    The Mazmoom community in Sennar state hosts many returnees who were forced to move back following the separation of South Sudan.

  • Hakamas Promote Peace-building in Darfur

    The Hakama women who traditionally chant songs encouraging their husbands and sons to fight in the frontlines are now being taught key messages of peace and stability.

  • Delivering Security. Securing Deliveries: UNDP works for women in Darfur

    The women, dressed in clean white garb, tobe, learn in detail every step in the process alongside broader concepts of pre- and post-natal health services.

  • Sweeter than Honey: Economic Recovery Returns to Darfur

    “Since I began my beekeeping business in honey production, processing and wax refining with the Value Chain project, I am now able to support my family. I am now able to sell my products at the local market, as well as further afield in Nyala, Khartoum and Omdurman,” says Abdul-Aziz, a 50-year old father of four, from Bindisi in Central Darfur State. Along with his wife and children, Abdul-Aziz was displaced from his village when the war erupted in his area and forced to seek refugee in an IDP camp in Mukjar. Abdul-Aziz had lost everything.

  • Community Dialogue Contributes to Peaceful Co-Existence in Abyei

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