Launch of Sudan’s First National Human Development Report 2012

About the Project

Understanding the specific development challenges in an individual country is essential in order to be able to meet them. UNDP believes this can only happen thorough independent research and rigorous academic investigation. For the first time, with the support of UNDP, Sudan has produced its own autonomous National Human Development Report 2012. This independent report is set to become a key advocacy tool for UNDP, one that could help shape more effective policy in Sudan for addressing its most pressing development challenges.

The report, entitled “Geography of Peace: Putting human development at the centre of peace in Sudan”, was published in March 2013, by UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security (MWSS). It was written by an independent team of intellectuals from the Gezira University, supported by an HDR Specialist, Mr. Christopher Kuonqui.

The report sets out key recommendations for Sudan, with special reference to the regions most affected by war and conflict. The report identifies problems and outlines several proposals for closing gaps in economic, social, political and cultural inequalities.

Achievements to Date

This three year project involved contributions from some 750 experts from government, civil society, academics and development practitioners. It also involved an independent statistical review at two stages in the report drafting to vet the use of data.The report as well benefited from an international peer review process from experts in conflict resolution, social statistics and economic issues and peace and development.”

Working with the Central Bureau of Statistics, the report team, for the first time, came up with estimates of a sub-national human development index to present a powerful new agenda for human development in Sudan. They also presented two new estimations of a multidimensional poverty index - the newest tool in human development to capture deprivations - as well as preliminary results of a human security index. Data was generated for indicators of employment; social security and health insurance coverage; environmental aspects, such as access to water and sanitation; personal security, for example, from injuries and road accidents; and political achievement, in conditions of government stability, investment profile and law and order.

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security established a Human Development Unit, responsible for both supporting the preparation of the report and capacity development for institutions/civil society, and media, under UNDP guidance.


Donors funds (USD)
UNDP 1,620,000



Year Delivery(US$)
2013 200,000
2012 295,000
2011 300,000
2009 - 2010 778,321


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