Capacity Development for Aid Management and Co-ordination

About the Project

Capacity Aid Management

Since 2005, UNDP has been supporting the national efforts to advance aid effectiveness through its directly implemented project of “Capacity Development for Aid Management and Coordination – CDAMC”. The project addressed the aid related national capacity development needs while also tackling aid policy and strategic issues. In this regard, the project supported the development of the Aid Information System and the Aid M&E system in addition to developing the capacities of the related government officials in aid coordination and management.
The main partners for the project are currently the Ministry of Finance and National Economy - MoFNE. The main beneficiaries for the project are the staff members of the Aid Management and Coordination Unit at the former Ministry of International Cooperation  in addition to the Aid Coordination focal points in the states and government ministries. The project supported the related government staff through providing training in Aid Management related themes in addition to providing advisory services in areas of “Aid on Budget” and formulation of Sudan first national “Aid Strategy”.

Achievments to Date

This project resulted in the establishment of an aid management and coordination unit, including the necessary IT network, within the Ministry of Internal Cooperation.  From this, a network including 23 line and technical ministries was set up.  During this project much focus has been put on developing the capacity of junior and middle grade staff across the ministry and line ministries, including job support and mentoring.
In addition to the unit, by 2010 the Sudan Aid Information Database was launched as was a website, containing relevant reports, agreements and updates, for the Ministry of Internal Cooperation.
The aid management and coordination unit has been active in many of the international events on aid management. It has remained engaged with the international aid community on changes and updates to the aid situation and has actively encouraged the participation of the unit’s staff in this work.


European Commission $2,069,955
DFID $422,479
Netherlands $245,870
UNDP $122,436


2011 $380,000
2010 $804,000
2009 $468,442
2008 $434,838
2007 $473,521
2006 $451,194
2005 $121,331

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