UNDP projects are designed in consultation with national counterparts as stipulated in the UNDP Country Programme Document (CPD) and the United Nations Development Action Framework (UNDAF). Projects are aligned to one or more of the following programme areas: 

(1) Poverty Reduction, Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Livelihoods
(2) Inclusive Governance and Rule of Law
(3) Social Cohesion, Peace Consolidation and Peace Dividends
(4) Environment, Energy, and Natural Resource Management

All UNDP projects are nationally executed under the signed country programme and are implemented in partnership with national and interantional partners across Sudan's states.

Poverty Reduction

  • Preparation of Sudan National Human Development Reports

    The Human Development Reports (HDR) is an independent report and one of the main advocacy tools for UNDP for advancing the human development conceptual framework and in applying it to the current most pressing development challenges.

  • National Employment Framework Development Project

    This project aims to support the development of the National Employment Framework by putting the question of employment at the heart of the broader national framework for development.

Democratic Governance

  • Accountability and Citizens Participation Project

    In order to capitalize on the moment created through the April 2010 elections UNDP developed a new programme as to continue to strengthen the capacities of key stakeholders, such as political parties, media and civil society and marginalized groups, including minorities and women, as effective instruments of democratic practice.

  • Local governance and public expenditure management in East Sudan

    The Red Sea, Gedaref and Kassala states make up East Sudan, comprising an estimated total population in the range of 3 to 4 million inhabitants. For many years the local population endured acute poverty, drought, famine, and lack of access to healthcare and education, and high unemployment.

Crisis Prevention and Recovery

HIV and Development

Environment and Energy

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