Youth Volunteers "Rebuilding Darfur"

About the project

 Darfur youth learn new skills in micro finance to run small businesses that help re-build Darfur (Photo: UNDP Sudan)

War has left a bitter legacy in Darfur.  For thousands of young people it deprived them of their rights as youth, left gaps in their education and meant they never learnt the skills they needed to fulfill their potential.  Even for those who managed to graduate from the universities, employment opportunities are thin on the ground.

In order to succeed, Darfur needs its youth. They are the real wealth of this vast region in western Sudan already replete with sought-after mineral resources and, in the south, fertile agricultural land. With the right skills and education, they will be able to lead the building and expanding of Darfur’s economy, help rural communities adapt to the demands of climate change and help this region fulfill its potential.

Since the beginning of 2012, UNDP has been working to make this a reality. With the support of the Sudanese government and funding from the government of the Republic of Korea, this project involves training young volunteers with the aim of rebuilding Darfur. In collaboration with  three Darfur universities, in Nyala, El Fasher and Zalingei, the volunteers, many of whom are graduates, are given training in micro-enterprise development, green business planning and natural resource management – all skills that local communities need in Darfur.  These volunteers, some focusing on business, others on the environmental management, are then deployed to live with these communities for nine months, sharing the new skills and knowledge. During this period, these communities build their own capacities in business skills and private sector development, all of which contribute sustainably to poverty reduction. The Project provides a nationally owned, intensive and cost-effective approach to filling the enormous business and financial skills capacity gap among the youth and women in Darfur, whilst contributing to the employment of skilled graduates.

Currently, the Project targets the recruitment, training and deployment of 150 volunteers who will share their skills and knowledge with an additional 10,000 community members.

Achievements to date

So far the project has trained 205 young people from all five Darfur states. As of June 2015,139 volunteers have been deployed to 47 communities. The volunteers have then trained and supported 14,839 community members in business and environmental management skills.


MDG Trust Fund Korea


2014 $642,585