Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund (DCPSF)


Fund Summary

The Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund (DCPSF) supports communities to rebuild and strengthen time-honored methods of mediation, reconciliation, and peaceful settlement.

This United Nations multi-donor trust fund, established in 2007, supports UN agencies, International NGOs, and Sudanese NGOs to work to achieve local level peace and stability in Darfur, and funds projects that:

  • strengthen community-based reconciliation mechanisms (CBRMs), the traditional community groups that resolve disputes;
  • provide livelihoods support that brings communities together;
  • promote effective natural resource management among communities;
  • build and link networks amongst peacebuilding initiatives in Darfur

Administrative Agent (AA)

The Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office) of the United Nations Development Programme serves as the Administrative Agent (AA) and is responsible for concluding Standard Administrative Arrangements (SAA) with donors and Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with Participating UN Organizations. It receives, administers and manages contributions from Donors.


Management Agent Role

As Participating UN Organization to the DCPSF, UNDP Country Office manages the access to National and International NGO to pooled funds, through grant, under the directives of the Steering Committee chaired by the Resident Coordinator.


Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat (TS), oversees the day-to-day management of the fund and sets the ground for decision-making processes related to the DCPSF.



The DCPSF aims to reduce the triggers of community-level conflict, including competition over scarce natural resources and a lack of livelihoods opportunities, thus paving the way to early recovery.


Expected results

  • Effective community-level conflict resolution and prevention platforms in Darfur are in place.
  • Cooperation between communities over disputed livelihoods assets and income generating opportunities increased.
  • Cooperation between competing communities over access to natural resources and basic social services increased.
  • A network of effective collaborative peacebuilding initiatives created and feeding into wider peace fora and Darfur agendas.




(based on 2012-2016 perception survey results)

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