MDG Profile of Eastern Sudan- 2010

01 Dec 2010

Report Highlights

  • 58% of the population in the Red Sea and 50% of the population in the Gadaref state live below the national poverty line. 44% of the population is food deprived in the Red Sea.
  • 36.1% Gross Enrollment Rate for Red Sea makes it the lowest among Northern states. The level of investment in Eastern Sudan in education is not matching the increases in the growth of population at school age.
  • 25% women representation in the parliament brought the Eastern states at par with the national averages. But only14.3% of women contribute to employment in three ُ Eastern Sudan states combined- a meager rate compared to men’s contribution.
  • • 56 in 1000 and 55 in 1000 children die every year in Red Sea and Kassala States. These are over 4 times higher than the average for the Northern states. The trends are similar for infant mortality rates.