Wealth Sharing and Intergovernmental Transfers in Sudan

01 Jun 2008

After the adoption of the Federal System of Government in Sudan-based as it is on public participation and motivation-the system of allocation of financial resources has gained special significance. In order to ensure an effective federal system of government at all levels, financial resources must be allocated in a manner that enables each level of government to satisfactorily perform the duties and responsibilities entrusted to it.


The need arises, therefore, for adopting fair criteria of financial allocation to ensure that financial resources available to each and every level are commensurate with the duties and responsibilities entrusted to it.


Since independence, and in spite of numerous systems of Government the country has witnessed, financial resources were almost always centralized and lacking any discernable fair and equitable criteria. Such allocation has always remained the prerogative of the top political authorities resulting always in financial shortages at the middle and lower levels and therefore seriously limiting their abilities to provide the necessary services to their citizens.

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