Youth Volunteers Rebuilding Darfur Project Document

30 Dec 2013

This project addresses the main challenges for environmentally sustainable poverty reduction in Darfur through an innovative approach that supports and complements existing local initiatives. These include entrepreneurship skills training, self-employment, access to microfinance, value chains, natural resource management, forestry and climate change adaptation.

In cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Finance “Darfur Development Program”, UNDP, UNV, ILO and Sudanese Universities, this scheme provides a nationally owned, intensive and cost-effective approach to fill the enormous business and financial skills capacity gap among youth and women in Darfur, while at the same time contributing to the employment of skilled graduates. In addition to facilitating access to markets, business and financial services for rural and peri-urban microentrepreneurs, young graduate volunteers will promote local entrepreneurship among youth and other community members and connect them to UNDP value chain programs as well as UN-environmental programs at the local level.

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