Socio-economic and opportunity mapping Assessment report for Sinnar State

29 Apr 2010

Socio-economic opportunity mapping assessment was conducted is Sinnar state during the period from 27th up to 29th of April 2010.the assessment was carried out by a joint team from Central Sector Commission and UNDP central sector. The team members are 5 , three from Central Sector Commission and two from UNDP central. The main purpose of the assessment is to map out the operational environment, institutional setup, community services, and socio-economic situation in Sinnar state which may enhance or impede implementation of reintegration activities and to use the gathered information for better planning with regard to DDR programme.

The assessment also will act as a starting point for community sensitization about DDR programme and come up with recommendations and lesson learned on best strategy that could be adopted for DDR programme as well as assessing the availability of office sharing cost for the possible future placement of NDDRC/Central and UNDP/DDR Reintegration staff. The assessment team adopted different approaches for information collection such as presentation, observation, questionnaire, group discussion and individual interviews.


The assessment revealed that the most potential employment opportunities providers with possible job opportunities are agriculture, livestock, small business work and partnership working groups. The state is rich with fertile huge land and with limited resources to best utilize these lands. Another potential opportunity in the state is Alsooki sugar factory with an area of 30,000 feddan is going to be established on the next planning period; it will enhance the opportunities for the reintegration for Sinnar state and the neighboring states. The health authorities in Sinaar state showed that it's possible to enter all XCs in the state under the umbrella of the health insurance.The study recognized that there is lack of information about DDR programme at the state level, an intensive public information activities for all stakeholders about DDR programme is required, taking in consideration experiences of the DDR programme from areas such as Eastern, Blue Nile and South Kordofan and Involvement of the national and the local media to disseminate information to increase the awareness of communities about DDR programme and peace culture.

Conflicts reported among nomads groups who residence for more than 15 year at Upper Nile state near the border to Sinnar state with armed group. These conflicts forced nomads to move to Sinnar state and lost their cattle. Sinnar government settled these group in camps near an area called Daly Walmazmoom the estimated number is 8000 which include 4000 PDF group some assistance were provided to them such as food items this created insecurities in these areas. Local authorities reported that there is about 13000 PDF and other militaries group waiting to be D&D and now practicing smuggling, selling small arms this will create security threat in the future if not deal with seriously.

There are education institutions providers capable to contribute in promoting skills of XCs as well as an active and efficient network for local NGOs with experience in micro finance and development. DDRC had sub-office in Sinnar state could be shared with UNDP staff need to be supported with equipments and supplies to run the reintegration activities not only for Sinnar but to cover nearby state such as Gezira and White Nile.

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