Socio-economic and opportunity mapping Assessment report for North Kordofan State

12 May 2010

North Kordofan state is one of the target areas to be covered with socio-economic opportunity mapping assessment for reintegration services. A team from UNDP central, North Kordofan Sector and the central Sector Commission visited the state during the period from 11th up to 13th of May 2010. The main purpose of the assessment is to map out and identify the operational environment, institutional setup, community services, and socio-economic situation in the state which may enhance or impede implementation of reintegration activities also the gathered information will be used for better planning of DDR programme.

The assessment will activate the already existing community sensitization about DDR programme and come up with recommendations and lesson learned on best strategy that could be adopted for DDR programme as well as assessing the availability of office sharing cost for the possible future placement of NDDRC/ North Kordofan Sector and UNDP/DDR Reintegration staff.  

The assessment team adopted different approaches for information collection and gathering such as presentation, observation, questionnaire, group discussion and individual interviews. The assessment revealed that the most potential employment opportunities providers with possible job opportunities are agriculture, livestock, small business, private sector and oil companies as well as some institutions showed an interest to contribute by providing micro finance and small projects to XCs such as banks, Zakat chamber. The private sector represented in their entrepreneur they express to facilitate the issuing and reducing licenses fees for XCs and supporting them by consultation to assist in running their projects.

Kordofan University Peace Centre addresses the issue of organizing training on peace culture and conflict management, capacity building, community development and contribute in conducting research to link the implementation of DDR programmes to the scientific approach. Khor Tagat vocational training center is a well established training institution in the state, it has an absorption capacity to meet the need for training of XCs (men,youth and women) based on market demand but the institution is in need of support such as transport facilities as the institution is located in an area which is far from the residential area. Key stakeholders raise concern on issues of delay in implementing DDR programme which created frustration among some of XCs and some of them joined factions Darfurian groups. Government and UN should take this issue seriously and activate the DDR programme in the state


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